I AM Eco-Warrior


​​ IAMECO Warrior is a book, film and a movement which features global figures whose extraordinary accomplish- ments and visions address the worldwide environmental crisis in innovative, groundbreaking and pioneering ways. IAMECO has been raising awareness around sustainable causes, products and solutions at the intersection of sustainability, innovation and design. Today, IAMECO is committed to building a leading community and media platform for people and brands who believe that our actions today positively impact generations tomorrow.


Inheriting Beauty

“The women in Inheriting Beauty are

serious people, they have careers, they

care for their families, and they raise

millions of dollars each year for charities,

saving the world, as it were, and looking

good doing it.”—William Norwich you.


Featuring: Roberta Armani, Delphine

Arnault, Angelica Visconti, Nadja

Swarovski, Francesca Versace,

Jennifer Woo, Veronica Etro, and 

many more (90 women worldwide) 

Moving Still

​​Moving Still captures dancers in their own intimate moments.Each scene offers a new perspective of dance and photography. A real life performance to begin and an incredible experience all the way through. Featuring :Danny Tidwell, Travis Wall, Cindy Welik,Jason Parsons, Kenneth Easter,Alexandre Hammoudi and CJ Tyson

The Class of Click: You Scholls was never lke this


Using a yearbook format, this book showcases the most beautiful models from the world-famous Click agency. 140 color plates.


Think going back to high-scool is, like, your worst nightmare? Well, just imagine if you could trade in those acned, braces-wearing classmates for sexy, scantily-clad models. Here's today's lesson plan: home ec-learn to lick whipped cream off of a nubile babe wearing a thongpanty and apron; shop class-master the art of the blowtorch under the tutelage of a hot, sculpted hunk. Sound fun?...... -- pdn-photo district news Magazine 

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